Chad Carter

As an on-camera journalist I spent more than a decade in the industry covering everything from local headlines to large national stories. From my experience, I've learned how to develop an authentic voice for others allowing them to utilize my experience to establish vital media relations, messaging and brand awareness.

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In order to help you grow your business, see how I can advise you in in the following areas:

Media Relations
Get your message in front of the right audience through authentic storytelling. Knowing what your selling and where to pitch is vital. I'll guide you through all the steps needed to share your brand through digital, traditional and social media to create an emotional connection with your customers. See More
Brand Management
Managing your brand takes forethought and planning. Whether you're communicating ideas and concepts to employees through internal channels, delivering consistent on-point messaging to clients and customers, or engaging on social media, I help keep your brand at the forefront of everything you do. See More
Content Creation
As the co-founder of the popular parenting website Dads Who Diaper, contributor to Disney properties Babble and and appearing in Parents magazine, I understand the importance of content creation. I show you how to connect with an audience with your own content and social media. See More


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